Homemade Go-Kart For Free! How to do it…

Homemade Go-Kart For Free! How to do it…* Click the image below and get entered ...

Homemade Go-Kart For Free! How to do it…

* Click the image below and get entered today for free! *
* Yes... you read that all right, no purchase necessary *

When they say the best things in life are free, they probably aren’t talking about go-karts, but for this situation, we think it can apply to that saying.

Without even having a proper set of tools, this kid managed to go out and build himself a go-kart from nothing other than what he found in the trash sitting at the curbside in front of random houses.

With borrowed tools along with a couple of intricately sourced parts, this go-kart came together pretty nicely, all for the grand total of about $0, aside from a few small things picked up at a yard sale by the creator’s mother.

Check out the video below to see how it all came together. If this kid can do it, we’re confident that with little bit of effort, anyone would be able to throw together a fun toy for some weekend adrenaline.

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