Honda Civic U-Haul Loading Ramp Fail

Honda Civic U-Haul Loading Ramp FailClaim 5 entires now on the Limited Edition, Last ...

Honda Civic U-Haul Loading Ramp Fail

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When you watch videos like these, sometimes, you just sit back and wonder what this guy’s parents are like to create someone with such a lack of common sense.

Instead of getting his hands on a trailer, this genius decides that it would be a good idea to try and load his Honda Civic into the back of a U-Haul truck using a couple of patched together ramps. SPOILER ALERT: it wasn’t!

We watch as the Honda approaches the back of the truck and manages to miss its mark, sliding off of the ramps and crashing right into the back of the truck!

After the event unfolds, the guy starts yelling at the poor girl behind the wheel for turning, because obviously this terrible idea was her fault, after all.

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