[HOONIGAN] Daily Transmission 012: Electric Smart Car Burnouts, Donuts and Other “Bad Ideas”!

The guys at Hoonigan describe it best. If it has wheels and can move under its own ...

The guys at Hoonigan describe it best. If it has wheels and can move under its own power, a gearhead somewhere will try to get their hands on it and have some fun with it. We’ve seen everything from a mobility scooter to a golf cart taken out and used to terrorize some tires.

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This time, we find a little bit of a middle ground on an episode of Daily Transmission as an electric-powered Smart Car is put to the test of seeing exactly what kind of hell and high water it can go through in order to have just a little bit of fun behind the wheel.

If you didn’t think that it was possible to have fun in an electric vehicle, then you must have never seen some of the shenanigans that the guys at Hoonigan have managed to carry out with cars of every variety and even some machines that weren’t meant for the roadways at all!

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Tune in to the latest episode of Daily Transmission down in the video below as the crew goes about their regular antics and have a great time doing it. In this one, it’s all smiles from ear to ear as they put this Smart Car through its paces to see exactly how far they can push it.

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