Hostile Uber Driver Refuses To Take Girl To The ER!

Since its debut, Uber has been an extremely helpful tool for people in major cities. ...

Since its debut, Uber has been an extremely helpful tool for people in major cities. From getting home after drinking too much to getting a ride to the hospital when you’re unable to drive yourself, it’s become a mainstay in cities around the U.S.

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Most Uber drivers are helpful, provide water, refreshments and more to make sure you get to your destination happily and safely, but apparently some aren’t so welcoming. This woman needed an Uber to get a ride to the emergency room and after arriving at the hospital, the driver refuses to take her to the ER on the other side.

Instead of driving around the hospital, he cusses her out and screams telling her┬áto get out of his car. Not only does this look bad on Uber, but this shows how stupid people can act when things don’t go just their way. If he would have just driven around the building and dropped her off, there would be no issue. Watch the video of this driver’s meltdown below.



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