How bad is $20 Window Tint from Autozone?

It seems like there’s a recurring trend going around the YouTube community for ...

It seems like there’s a recurring trend going around the YouTube community for different creators to try and find the cheapest version of just about everything and put it to use in their automotive wheelhouse. Whether it be finding the cheapest version of a certain model of car or the journey that we’ve been following along with as Rob Dahm has been using the cheapest stereo components that he can possibly find, there’s just something that’s pretty entertaining about watching somebody as they try to deal with finding the most economically feasible version of whatever the subject in question might be and putting it to use.

Perhaps, after watching videos like this, you might even find something that you might want to use yourself. If it seems like the host in question doesn’t struggle too much with a certain component that’s not really all that high on your priority list anyway, maybe it’s worth your time to go and buy something at a lower rate, knowing that it’s not going to be that important to you if it isn’t perfect. This time, the topic of discussion is none other than window tint and we’re diving into that discussion to see if all window tint is created equal or not.

In this video, we follow along with Rob’s daily driver as he takes a crack at seeing just how bad $20 window tint from AutoZone might be. After all, getting your vehicle tinted isn’t exactly something that costs pocket change but it isn’t the most expensive ordeal either. After watching this, we think that you’ll get a little bit better perspective on if it’s worth it to just pay a professional to get it taken care of or if you would want to look into that cheapo AutoZone film for yourself. After the struggle, I definitely know which direction I would be going in.

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