How did the Manta Ray Boating Tube Get Banned? It Just Looks So Sketchy

For those who enjoy spending time around the water, there’s a good chance that ...

For those who enjoy spending time around the water, there’s a good chance that you have seen someone behind about boat being towed along on a tube. Heck, if you’re that person who enjoys the water, there’s a good chance that you may have even been on a tube behind a boat or jet ski, getting that little rush of adrenaline that your inner thrill seeker just wants to go out there and get acquainted with.

Now, as a tuber, you might get beat around a little bit out there on the water but what is it about tubes like the Manta Ray Kite Tube that has stirred up so much controversy that made it so that their use has been banned in certain areas and so that the tubes have been taken off of retail shelves?

Well, as you check out this video below, it might look like the tube is a lot of fun and I’m sure that it certainly has the potential to be a blast, capping off your day on the water. However, as various news reports have stated, a good amount of people have become injured when using the tube as there are no safeguards to prevent a user from falling off at a moment’s notice. The tubes also have the tendency to nosedive and swiftly use their momentum and aerodynamics to send a person straight into the unforgiving surface below. In addition, at least a handful of people have had fatal accidents from using a tube like this. That was definitely enough for manufacturers to be forced to remove them from shelves.

Check out the video below that shows the toy that was designed for a good time but ended up just being a little bit too much for consumers who weren’t ready to handle such a device. As you can tell from the video below, this one most certainly looks sketchy! After seeing the video below that shows how exactly the tube works and hearing the stories about all of the bad that has come from products like these, would you still be willing to try one out? The red flags would certainly steer me away.

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