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Emile Bouret lives a life nearly all of us here in the car culture would be envious ...

Emile Bouret lives a life nearly all of us here in the car culture would be envious of. He grew up racing three wheelers and that was his passion, but his parents wisely suggested he go to school and get an education, just in case the whole racing-as-a-career thing didn’t work out.

For Bouret, it did work out, although not in the way he’d planned. Bouret pursued a career in automotive design first, spending years working with automakers Mitsubishi and Porsche designing cars before, as is often the case with many career paths, he began to feel burned out. Instead of continuing to burn out and letting his career affect his love of cars and racing, Emile decided to resign from the design world and go back to racing. With his parents calling him a dumbass, Emile went against their wishes, but it’s worked out well for Bouret, who was not only invited back to his driving school as an instructor, but joined the company to work with automakers doing ride-and-drive demonstrations for local dealerships to help the sales staff learn about new models.

He would move up within the ranks, eventually becoming a facilitator – that’s the guy who talks about the cars before the test drives. After a stint with Chrysler and Audi, Emile was offered an opportunity to do a web-based series about cars (keeping in mind, this was 2008, long before internet series were the norm) where he leaned on his design and performance driving backgrounds to review new cars for the public who may not have a chance to experience those cars for themselves.

However, that show ended abruptly while Emile was out of the country, leaving him somewhat high and dry, but he’s using that experience to put together a teaser for a show of his own to pitch to network executives with hopes of landing his own gig. Something tells us with his experience and strong industry connections, Bouret will make it onto TV at some point.

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