How Does “the Biggest Blower They Make” Perform and Sound?

When you head out to the drag strip and make your passes competitively, you want to ...

When you head out to the drag strip and make your passes competitively, you want to find just about any advantage that you can. This time, we head to Cecil County Dragway to check out a clip of a Plymouth Barracuda that’s doing all that and a bag of chips as the owner found the biggest blower that he possibly could and slapped it on 500 cubic inches of American iron which really wakes up this car that has made every step possible on its way to Outlaw racing, starting as a naturally aspirated machine and gradually getting faster and faster until it reached a state where everything began to spiral and the owner went all in!

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In this one, we follow the car to Cecil’s Strange Engineering Street Car Shootout that really puts it on display, going rounds in a display that’s nothing short of a fun watch as that blower absolutely screams its head off, making its presence felt as it forces air through that sizable power plant, making it wiggle its way all the way into the deep 4s, that’s really rolling no matter what way you want to slice it. This machine is really one that can make you stop what you’re doing and stare for a couple of seconds in awe as it lights the tires up before singing down the strip!

Check out the action down below as the BigKleib34 cameras were rolling and captured it all, getting you up close and personal with this monster as it made its presence felt. After heading down to check out the action for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think about this machine that’s pushing some major air through that heavy hitting power plant on its way to an impressive showing. If you want to roll, this is how you do it!

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