How Good Could a Free Car Actually Be? YouTubers Try to Revive a Free Thunderbird!

Across the landscape of automobiles, there are all sorts of different combinations to ...

Across the landscape of automobiles, there are all sorts of different combinations to pick from. Some prefer buying an expensive ride and just letting it rip. Others might prefer putting together a vehicle on a budget. However, I don’t think that there are too many people out there who are going to turn down a free car.

Okay, maybe we take that back.

Sometimes, there are machines out there that are probably rotting into the ground and not even worth the storage space. However, every once in a while, perhaps something good will pop up at an incredible deal. When the price is zero, it could be something that’s rather hard to turn down. You almost force yourself to find potential because free is free. Right?

This time, for the crew behind theĀ Junkyard DigsĀ YouTube channel, that was exactly their situation. Presented to them, a Ford Thunderbird would be the free car in question. As one would expect with a free car, it was in need of a little bit of TLC. After sitting for a great length of time, let’s just say that this car wasn’t exactly in showroom condition. However, it did show a little bit of promise to build from.

In this one, the car is retrieved from the pile of junk that it was living under. From there, the goal is going to be to get this thing up and running. Could a car that was obtained for no money possibly be anything that’s worthwhile? The mission is on and we get to join in on the adventure to see if the car can be revived and brought back life once again. As we watch this one, we can’t help but find ourselves rooting for the hero mechanic of the episode to get this beast fired up!

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