How High Can a Jeep Fly? Ridiculous Jeep Launch Will Hurt your Insides Just Watching

After you have spent your time and money to put together an off-roading machine that ...

After you have spent your time and money to put together an off-roading machine that can handle the elements, well, the one and only thing you probably want to do with the machine is send it through its paces to see how much abuse the vehicle can take as the whole purpose of this kind of build is to be able to be strong and nimble all the same time, being able to navigate through the treacherousĀ surroundings with power but also be able to maneuver on a dime should the situation call for that sort of ability.

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This time, though, we hop behind the wheel of many sorts of off-road vehicles with a big old sprinkling of Jeeps thrown into the mix. It appears as if this particular course entails an individual sending the machine up a hill with lots of loose and clunky terrain that might be a little bit difficult to endure before making their way down the other side and hitting a small incline. Now, this is the part where gets interesting as I’m sure that spectators involved here are interested in the uphill climb but, as the vehicles crossed the finish line, the real show starts to unfold.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be a witness to an absolute blast as these off-road vehicles are stretched out to the limit, flexing their muscles as drivers decide if they want to come to a nice and easy finish as they cross the finish line and stamp their time in the standings or if they want to send it, throwing down and giving the vehicle all that it’s got before coming down incredibly hard in quite the jarring fashion. After watching this one, let’s just say that it’s pretty amazing everyone here made it out in one piece.

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