How In The Hell Did This YouTuber Get a Toyota Supra For 36 Dollars?!

Sometimes we run across people that just have a huge impact on our lives, and ...

Sometimes we run across people that just have a huge impact on our lives, and occasionally the stars align and we are able to have an equally significant impact on their lives as well. This is certainly one of those stories, and its one of the cooler ones we’ve heard.

While making the drive back to his home in Atlanta, David, known to most of us as ThatDudeInBlue, the title of his huge YouTube channel, noticed a car coming up in his rear view. Excited to see it was an iconic Toyota Supra, David and the Supra’s driver rode together for a while when David noticed he needed to stop for gas. The Supra followed him off of the road to the gas station, where the two struck up a conversation.

The Supra’s driver’s name is Essa and he’s a student at the University of Florida. However, home for Essa is on the other side of the globe in Qatar, and he was on his way to the airport to board a plane for the Middle East when he ran up on David. Realizing they were kindred spirits, Essa posed an incredible question, asking David to “babysit” his Supra while he’s out of the country. When faced with the proposition of leaving his car at the airport for weeks, I can see Essa’s desire to leave it in the hands of somebody who will care for it properly, yet also enjoy it while he has it in his possession.

David thought about it, realizing that this is quite a responsibility, but ultimately decided, as most of us would, to take the offer and hang on to the car for Essa while he journeyed home.

The car was left at the airport since David’s girlfriend isn’t that comfortable driving a manual, and David returned the next day to pick it up. Paying the parking fee of $36 meant that, for the next few weeks at least, David is the guardian of a badass MKIV Supra. And the car is hardly stock, cranking out 600 horsepower on pump gas and around 800 on E85, meaning the car is plenty potent. Hopefully David is careful behind the wheel and doesn’t put any scratches or dings in the car while he has it.

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