How in the World Did This 4-Cylinder Integra Go 200MPH!?

When you think of an Acura Integra, the sister model to the Honda Civic, you might ...

When you think of an Acura Integra, the sister model to the Honda Civic, you might associate it with a car that your grandmother has purchased to go back and forth to bingo on Wednesday nights. However, if she’s ever seen the likes of Myles Kerr’s Integra, I don’t think that grandma would even recognize this machine as her bingo taxi. This guy has taken four cylinders and pushed them so far to the point that they’re able to accomplish an astonishing 200 mph out in the half mile, putting bus lengths on a lot of the popular cars that might be regarded as the fastest out there from various Lamborghinis to Corvette ZR1s and everything in between.

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This time, we check in with Myles thanks to a 1320Video feature that takes us to Shift Sector as he chases down a record that he’s had his eyes on for some time. If he manages to come home with a timeslip saying that he was able to crack 200 mph, I think that this trip would be classified as a success. As the fastest FWD car to ever do it in the half mile already, being able to crack the 200 mph mark and be the first one to ever accomplish that goal with such a car would really be some sweet icing on the cake for this build that has become one of the most popular and recognizable FWD cars in the world.

The video below will take you to the scene as this little four-cylinder that could keeps on punching away at that 200 mark before eventually mustering up a head of steam on one pass, in particular, where Myles was able to push the car past the record and then some! If you’re one of those people who aren’t convinced that a Honda/Acura can move, then you need to lay your eyes on this beast because, as of now, Myles Kerr is out there putting people on notice!

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