How many people does it take to put out a car fire? Mustang GT catches fire!

It’s unfortunate when it happens, but sometimes, when racing, a fire might pop ...

It’s unfortunate when it happens, but sometimes, when racing, a fire might pop up and go crazy. It’s what happens after that that will decide how much of the car will remain to be useful. If done poorly, almost all of the car can be burnt to a crisp and nobody wants that!

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This time, we catch up with a Ford Mustang that was sitting in the staging lanes, when all of a sudden, it went up in flames. The owner wasn’t originally sure of the source of the fire but some digging around would tell them that it all started with a short.

Before they knew it, the entire thing was up in flames and the crew was scrambling to get the hood open and extinguish the blaze as to limit the damage and make sure that everybody on hand was safe from the burn.

Check out the video below that shows the attempt to get this fire out! The blaze is lasted for quite a long time, causing some big time damage. It looks like the owner of this Mustang has a lot of work ahead of themselves.

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