How much is a 1000hp Supra Worth? Guy Takes Supra to CarMax

We all know CarMax as the used car dealer that seems to have their stuff together. ...

We all know CarMax as the used car dealer that seems to have their stuff together. While most used car dealers are just a little lot on the corner, CarMax takes a more corporate approach to the whole matter, trying to class up the process of purchasing a used vehicle with the attempt of offering up cars and trucks that are put through a series of inspection points and brought up to a better quality before they’re put out for sale for a profit. However, CarMax does promise to look at whatever vehicle you have and make an offer on it, even if that offer isn’t something that you want to hear.

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This time, we check out a situation as a 1000 hp Toyota Supra is taken into the used car giant as the owner wants to do a little bit of experimenting to see exactly what they value the car at. As you probably know, CarMax isn’t necessarily in the business of buying high-performance cars.

As with most car dealers, they’re more about purchasing vehicles that will sell quickly, meaning stock pickup trucks, minivans, commuter cars, and more of the like – common folk rides.

What kind of value would they put on a Toyota Supra that has pretty much every modification that you could possibly imagine? Well, follow along in the video below as YouTuber, Sik2JZ heads in to one of their facilities to see exactly what they think of his set of wheels.

With something like this I wouldn’t imagine that CarMax would be anywhere near close to being able to make an offer that’s anywhere close to market value but who knows, I have seen stranger things happen before maybe they will sneak up and surprise us. Before watching this one, tell us what you think they will offer for such a car.

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