How One Lucky Guy Became the Mexican Stig!

If you’re talking about the way that we interact with our friends, sometimes, ...

If you’re talking about the way that we interact with our friends, sometimes, well, it might be such an interaction that the outside world doesn’t really understand. When you take it even deeper, sometimes, these interactions that might not make sense to the common person and could potentially yield nicknames that can confuse people even further. This time, that’s exactly what we get with a story that stretches its legs out with an attempt to explain just how some of that debauchery went down and how one man earned the nickname of the “Mexican Stig” for good reason.

Now, if you relayed that “Mexican Stig” was somebody’s nickname to somebody else in the car community, they probably would have a good idea of what it was that earned this individual such a nickname as they probably put some twist on the character that we all know and love from Top Gear. However, as it can be an easy idea to keep forgetting, the automotive community is pretty niche and if you go to a party, there’s a good chance you might be the only one that is freakishly in love with cars as we are. Well, in this situation, that very sobering reality hits the Mexican Stig pretty hard as he gets thrust into an awkward situation, to say the least, where people just don’t get it.

You know that if it’s a video presented by VinWiki YouTube channel, it’s going to be good, so dig down deep and embrace the awkwardness of the Mexican Stig along with many of his redeeming qualities that we think you will absolutely love. After following along with the storyline that involves plenty of costumes, awkward encounters, and a little bit of racing action, we think you’ll find yourself with a smile on your face.

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