How to Spot a Dishonest Body Shop Trying to Take Your Money

It’s quite a shame. In pretty much any form of automotive work, there are some ...

It’s quite a shame. In pretty much any form of automotive work, there are some people out there who are looking to pull a quick one on unsuspecting customers. It’s really a sad reality. These dishonest folks give the more prevalent groups who are looking to do honest work a bad name. However, even though there are good people out there, you should keep your eyes peeled. It’s your job as a consumer to put yourself in the best place possible for a good transaction.

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This is especially true for someone in a vulnerable position. Some dishonest shops will prey on those who just got in an accident and need their car fixed. This is a highly emotional situation that they know they can easier take advantage of.

In this one, we ride along with Scotty Kilmer. With his background, Scotty attempts to give us a rundown of how exactly one can best go into situations like these. The key is to be armed with as much relevant knowledge possible. After all, it is best to prepare yourself ahead of time. When you get into an accident, there are a lot of things happening. You’re probably going to be a little bit shaken up at the idea that your car has just gotten smashed.

If you follow along with the video down below, you’ll get the usual Scotty Kilmer rundown. He takes the liberty of telling you all about what you can do to protect yourself in a spot like this from bad body shops and tow¬†truck drivers alike. Nobody ever wants to be taken advantage of. As they say, “knowledge is power,” so arming yourself with a little bit of knowledge can be just the right antidote to make sure that your hard-earned money stays right where it belongs.

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