How The Koenigsegg Jesko Is Designed To Break 300 MPH

Just a couple of days ago, we saw the release of a heck of a machine that promised to ...

Just a couple of days ago, we saw the release of a heck of a machine that promised to take the world by storm. Not only was the Jesko built on top of all that Koenigsegg has learned with the record-breaking architecture that stood before it in the Agera but it brings a lot of new concepts to the table. Let’s just say that the $2.8 million hybrid car really has a lot of people excited to see it in action. Unlike much of what we see in the automotive industry, we don’t have any trouble believing that this thing is really going to deliver strongly with the promises that come to the table with it.

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So, for all that money, what are we getting? This time, we’re able to dive into some features that will be brought to the table for gearheads willing to spend that kind of coin. Perhaps, most notably, the car is said to be able to climb to 300 mph when given the right conditions.

In order to explain all of this to us, we have quite the inside source. We would say that he’s one of the most familiar with the project and is ready to spill the beans. Steven Wade, Koenigsegg Communications Manager takes the time out to explain to Business Insider what exactly it is that makes this thing capable of making history. After all, this is a road that has never been traveled before.

By following along with the video below, we can stand to learn a little bit more about how this magic is really happening. From a slew of carbon fiber to size specifications and even proprietary pieces of the construction process, there really is a lot that goes into an effort like this. After all, getting up to that 300 mark isn’t as simple as putting a bunch of power behind the platform. Different concepts like aerodynamics and downforce also have to be considered in order to make this thing stand up to the test.

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