How To Build An Electric Go-Kart With PVC Pipe

When it comes down to the expense of picking up certain toys, at times, they can tend ...

When it comes down to the expense of picking up certain toys, at times, they can tend to be rather harsh on your bank account. For example, if you wanted to go out and buy yourself a go-kart, you’re not just looking a little bit of pocket change. The thrill that comes along with something like that is definitely going to come with a decent price tag. However, if you would classify yourself as the creative and handy type, you might be able to create something for yourself that doesn’t quite break the bank and can still be pretty fun as well, all with a couple of simple tools, inexpensive parts, and a little bit of know-how and patience.

This time, we check out such a machine as YouTuber, Navin Khambhala, decided to take on a DIY build that shows us how to take something as simple as a collection of PVC pipes along with a couple of other bits of hardware and fittings, mend these things together, and make them do something other than what they were originally purposed for, coming to the grand prize of a go-kart frame to be paired with an electric motor.

It might seem a little bit overwhelming at first, however, when you begin to really dig into how the whole thing comes together, it ends up not being not so daunting after all, for someone to take on their garage.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be given the step-by-step on how to take on a project like this for yourself. Maybe you can afford to go out and buy a machine like this, but there might be something special about taking on a project on your very own and being able to say that you did it by yourself that really makes something like this special.

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