How to Buy a Parts Car to Fix Your Daily Driver

We generally focus on speed and power here at Speed Society, but sometimes we like to ...

We generally focus on speed and power here at Speed Society, but sometimes we like to bring our fans some good old fashioned know-how. Many of you guys and gals have likely been in a situation where you have bought, or at least considered buying, a parts car to swap out damaged or aged parts on your current ride. That process isn’t as simple as many like to think it is.

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However, YouTuber ChrisFix has some excellent tips on helping you determine if you in fact need a parts car and how to purchase the right donor for your needs. This is some solid found advice clearly founded in experience, as ChrisFix has obviously done this before and learned what to do, and more importantly what NOT to do. From making a list of needed parts to finding a car that will provide as many of those parts as possible for the right price, ChrisFix can help save you time and headaches and keep you from wasting money chasing down individual parts or buying the wrong donor car.

Check out this video and absorb this information, as there will surely come a day when your daily needs some TLC and you will need to know how to proceed. With this knowledge, the process will surely be easier and faster than going at it on your own.

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