How to Charge Your Phone With a 9 Volt Battery and a Car Charger!

It’s quite possibly the most common dilemma of our modern lives: the constant need to ...

It’s quite possibly the most common dilemma of our modern lives: the constant need to charge our phones. You do it, I do it, basically everybody does it, but most of us have that one particular friend who is always searching for an outlet.

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If you head to any department store or gas station, you can pick up everything you need to build a DIY power outlet, given you know what you’re doing, and after watching this video, you will know exactly what to do. All you need is a car charger and a 9 volt battery and a small, straight piece of metal.

When I saw this video title, I expected to have to break open the charger and pull out the wires and sort of build all of the pieces into a makeshift charging station, but it turns out it’s actually pretty simple and doesn’t require any real technical know-how. You simply place the metal tip of the charger into the positive terminal of the battery – that’s the smaller of the two terminals – and use whatever small piece of metal you have to create a connection between the spring loaded metal tab on the side of the charger. If your charger has an indicator light, it should illuminate as soon as that connection is made, indicating that the circuit is completed and your charger is ready to charge.

A little tape can be used to hold the metal to the terminal and the charger so you don’t have to hold everything by hand. All that is left to do now is plug your cable into the charger and your phone and watch as the battery level climbs. Mind you, this probably won’t give you a 100% charge, in fact we have no idea how much it will give you, but if you ever find yourself in an emergency, there’s a real good chance you can scrape up these supplies and get enough of a charge to make a 911 call or get in touch with somebody who can help you, especially if you go our now and buy all of this stuff and keep it in your vehicle or purse.

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