How To Choose Shocks For Your Jeep Wrangler. Side By Side Comparison

Choosing shocks or struts is something a lot of us will never even have to do, unless ...

Choosing shocks or struts is something a lot of us will never even have to do, unless we just decide we want to upgrade. Stock vehicles come with suspension parts that seem to be built to last the life of your car, truck or SUV. While the same can’t be said for every part on a new vehicle, suspension component failures are relatively rare these days,

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Of course, if you’re a Jeep enthusiast, you’re much more likely to fall into that demographic that will be upgrading voluntarily, especially if you intend to take your ride offroading. Of course, I’m referring to real offroading, not cruising the mall parking lot, although that seems to be the farthest offroad a lot of Jeeps will ever be driven.

But if you are amongst those true Jeep freaks that actually hit the trails and rocky outcroppings and whatever else you can find far from the nearest strip of paved road, then this video is for you. After watching this, I feel like I’m ready to head to my nearest offroad parts center and make a well-informed decision on which shocks are best suited for my needs. What’s funny is I don’t even own a Jeep, but this video from the ExtremeTerrain YouTube channel is so good, I feel almost like an expert.

I’m not even going to dive into the actual comparison, which pits what most of us would consider a stock replacement style shock against a moderate upgrade and finally against an all-out offroad shock that was built to withstand just about anything you would throw at it on any offroad excursion. That’s why I’ve attached the video itself, so you can watch and get the same education I did.

This video is a perfect illustration of how to compare products – AmericanTrucks Ford. It is informative, without being persuasive or biased. Of course, when each of the products being compared are made by the same manufacturer, it should be easy to be fair and unbiased.


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