How to Clean Your Wheels the Proper Way!

As a car guy, if you’re as big of a fanatic about keeping your car clean as we ...

As a car guy, if you’re as big of a fanatic about keeping your car clean as we are, which you probably are, then you know all about the struggle of going through all different kinds of methods and different chemicals all in the name of keeping your ride as clean as it can possibly be.

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Now, while you might be comfortable with using your cleaning products and a good scrubbing to keep your wheels clean, this guy shows you the above and beyond method of making sure that not a single speck of dust sticks around on the surface of your rim.

This guy goes as far as taking a series of steps that includes physically pulling the wheel off of the car to make sure the entire back of it is clean and when all is said and done, these skates are clean enough to eat off of and then some!

Check out the video below that will take you inside of this method that might just be the best way that we’ve ever seen to thoroughly clean a set of wheels. Do you have any preferences for cleaning your wheels that weren’t talked about in this video?

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