How to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree With a GT-R!

How to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree With a GT-R!* Click the image below and get ...

How to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree With a GT-R!

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For those who celebrate, Christmas is one of the most mystical times of year, with the centerpiece being a big shining tree in the houses of families across the country.

If you do so choose to be old school and get yourself a good old-fashioned real tree, you have to do decide, generally come January, what you are going to do with the now dried out remains.

While most decide to just toss their tree in the trash, the owner of this Nissan GT-R got creative and did away with his tree in a lot hotter of a fashion.

Check out the video below as a flammable substance is combined with a Christmas tree and fireballs shooting from the car’s exhaust to show off one of the most creative ways to get rid of a Christmas tree.

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