How to Install a Supercharger On An 3.3 RC Engine

How to Install a Supercharger On An 3.3 RC Enginepre-entries are now live for ...

How to Install a Supercharger On An 3.3 RC Engine

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We’ve seen everything from remote control fighter jets to fire trucks and everything in between, but until this gem came across our desk, we were unaware of how serious performance can get in remote control vehicles.

After you get your hands on a nitro powered engine, afterwards, you have the option to supercharge it as we see here. How neat is that!?

Unlike a car’s supercharger, this modification can be done in just a couple of minutes as we can see when this guy walks us through the process to install such a device.

Check out the video below that gives a step by step on how it’s all done. What’s next? Will they be introducing nitrous kits for these tiny machines?

Check out the RC tractor pull below. These things get wild!


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