How to Keep Your Job Fun – Car Jumps Over Pile of Junk

We’ve all been there, hanging out at work when all of the day’s duties ...

We’ve all been there, hanging out at work when all of the day’s duties seem to be done, leaving us with nothing to do. In a situation like that, what’s one to do?

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Well, you could hang out and look at your phone or you could make the most out of the time that your boss is feeling froggy and record a killer video.

When one of this junkyard’s employees was talking to his boss about how far he could jump a motorbike, his boss brought up the idea that he could outdo the jump in a car, so he did.

Check out the video below as a junk car is launched through the air and into a pile of scrap on the other side of the yard. Whether or not he proved his point is one thing, but the amount of pain he’s now in is another entirely!



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