How To Make DIY Polyurethane Engine Mounts

One thing that most certainly is not clear cut and defined is the world of automotive ...

One thing that most certainly is not clear cut and defined is the world of automotive modification and repair. Even though your car or truck might have started out with one thing, you might find that the replacement part from the dealer is far too expensive and equal or better quality products can be had in the aftermarket for cheaper.

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Most would agree that this most definitely is a place to pick and choose your battles, picking some parts up from the dealer and other parts from the aftermarket vendor of your choice. This time, we come across a YouTube video that suggests a third option altogether.

In this video, we check out a method that suggests that, in some cases, you should ditch the factory engine mounts and buy your own because, at least in this case, the creator suggests that the factory mounts aren’t too great and the aftermarket polyurethane mounts that are stronger and can be just as smooth tend to get pretty expensive.

Ride along in the DIY process below that show you how to go from raw polyurethane to finished product that might just save you a couple of bucks. Is this the way to go if you need to get yourself new mounts or would you just head to the parts store and buy another set?

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