How To Properly Work On a Hyundai… This is Classic!

Just because a car is out of commission doesn’t mean you can’t still get some use out ...

Just because a car is out of commission doesn’t mean you can’t still get some use out of it, it just may not be in the ways you expected. We’ve seen some videos of creative ways to get rid of non-running clunkers, but this one definitely looks like something we would come up with (I’m looking at you, Zebra and Andy) to be totally honest.

This car has likely seen its last days on the road, so a couple of buddies decided to send it out with a bang, in the most literal sense of the word. With the hood raised in a triumphant farewell salute, the partners-in-crime stuff a small explosive of some kind under the hood, apparently wedged into the intake to keep it upright. One of them lights the fuse and as soon as the sparks begin to fly, the other one drops the hood and the duo run for cover.

A couple of seconds later, we see that running for cover was definitely the right call, as the explosive detonates and the entire front half of the car is rocked by the force of the explosion.

The hood flies up, various sized chunks of shrapnel are hurled outward in all directions. Gravity pulls the hood back down as the smoke clears and the friends rush back in to survey the damage, giving us an up-close look at the carnage under the hood, where we see that the valve cover is busted and it even appears the intake itself is cracked, showing just how forceful the explosion was. Pulling the camera back and taking a look at the top of the hood, you can see the deformation from the explosion, and even the windshield is busted all to hell.

While we have to warn you to exercise as much caution as possible if you tryin something like this, we know some of you are going to see this and try it yourself (For the record, we are NOT encouraging this type of behavior, simply acknowledging that you’re going to do it anyway) so if any of you do decide to pull a stunt like this with your busted beater, make sure there’s a camera running so you can share the carnage with the world.

How To Work On A Hyundai

Fixed 👍📹:Jason Boers

Posted by Car Throttle on Sunday, May 20, 2018

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