How to remove a dented Truck/car roof in seconds!

When talking about dings and dents, there are all kinds of different methods around ...

When talking about dings and dents, there are all kinds of different methods around the web to get them fixed up at home. Nobody likes those unsightly imperfections but sometimes, it’s just not worth it to pay somebody to fix it because a good body guy can definitely cost a lot of money. If you’re riding around with an old car that has an unsightly dent on it, paying half of the car;s value to get it fixed properly might not be something that is in the budget. However, thanks to the internet, there is hope for you yet!

In this one, we catch up with a video that I think is meant to be satire rather than reality but this solution is no different as this car owner hops on his roof, giving his car a nice little dented in look and shows us a rather easy solution to get it all fixed. No, he isn’t pulling out the hot water or suction cup method but instead, uses the pressure inside of his car to blow that dent right out of the equation. As both of the doors are shut on this vehicle, it seems like the cabin pressure elevates, pushing the roof upward and getting rid of the rather large dent.

I think that it has to be a very specific type of damage and car to make something like this work but, if you find yourself in a situation like this, it might at least be worth the chance. I mean, what do you have to lose aside from a couple seconds of your time to try and get something like this to work? It can all be worth it if you can save yourself a couple of hundred bucks to avoid having to pay to get everything fixed back to the way that used to be.

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