How To Remove Calcium Water Spots on Glass Permanantley!

Sure, you can clean off your windshield with regular cleaning products and some of ...

Sure, you can clean off your windshield with regular cleaning products and some of them might even do a mighty fine job of making that glass shine. However, most products won’t do what this method does to get down to bare glass and put a protective finish on it to make it like new again! When it comes to annoying water spots covering your glass, you don’t always have to deal with them and sometimes, when they come around, the right measures will make sure that they will wipe right off with ease.

Instead of regular old cleaning products, this time, we follow along with someone who is showing off a method of using automotive wax that will not only make your windshield perfect with a great shine that will allow you to see everything that’s coming, but also make it repel water as well. It’s about the most foolproof way of making sure that you don’t have to put as much elbow grease into keeping that glass nice and see-through because, let’s face it, nobody wants to spend time on things like these when they don’t have to.

Check out the old school method brought to the light in the video below and tell us if you’re going to be using this on your pride and joy anytime soon. With steps like these, not only could you keep your glass looking good in the short term, but it could provide that sheen over the long run as well. Steps like these, when kept up with, can really go a long way toward keeping all of those parts in the best shape possible! After riding along with this demonstration, be sure to tell us if you have any alternate methods that you prefer to keep your windshield nice and sparkling clean.

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