How to Remove the Dank Smell From Your Air Conditioner

When you’re considering detailing your car, you might have a list of tricks as ...

When you’re considering detailing your car, you might have a list of tricks as long as your arm. Cleaning both outside and in, effectively, can be a sequence that is easier said than done. However, after you’ve been cleaning up your ride for all these years, you have a pretty good idea of how to make sure that your interior and exterior are shining and look just like new. However, there might still be a couple of systems within your car that need to be cleaned up a little bit and they could provide a touch of an extra challenge in order to be able to bring them up to speed.

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For example, one way that your car can definitely be drawn back a little bit in terms of the attractiveness factor is if it stinks. Sure, you can use all the “Black Ice” air fresheners in the world to mask the smell within, however, all that you’re doing is masking the smell that eventually is going to come back when said “Black Ice” is probably going to start to give you a headache before the mask starts to fade. So, if your car begins to get a kind of stank, how exactly would you go about trying to remove the smell if it’s somewhere that your cleaning rag can’t reach?

A good place to try and terminate the smell would be the air conditioning system. If you do decide that something smells like it was living and died within your air conditioning, this tip by Scotty Kilmer might just be a way to bring your car back to life again so that it doesn’t completely destroy your sensory experience every time that you decide that you need a little A/C or heat. After checking this one out, you might be on your way to a stink-free ride!

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