Huge M35A2 MIlitary Truck vs Front End Loader Tug of War

If it has wheels, there is someone, somewhere, that will put it into a sort of ...

If it has wheels, there is someone, somewhere, that will put it into a sort of competition whether it be a race or a sort of tug of war like this one that attempts to put some incredibly obscure competitors to the task of showing off their strength when a military machine goes up against a piece of heavy construction equipment to show who’s boss. When an M35A2 military truck goes up against a front end loader in a tug-of-war battle, it’s almost too good to resist as the two pieces of equipment muster up a head of steam and try to outdo one another.

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It looks like the machines are going to be a rather comparable set of competitors as they go full tilt and struggle to move this battle in one direction or the other. However, each operator continues to lay into the throttle more and more to see if their respective machine will do the duty of pulling just a little bit harder than the other machine with the aim of tipping the battle in their favor to try and start swaying the competition so that they can be the one that gets to go home with bragging rights at the end of the day!

Check out the video down below that takes you on the scene of this heavy duty war on wheels and tell us what you think of this competition that really puts these machines on their toes to bring the best of their torque to the table to try and take on a challenge like neither of these machines has probably seen before. It’s an interesting battle to say the least and you’ve gotta see these things going at it for yourself so check it out and tell us what you think of the prospect of these two monsters hauling off on one another.

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