Human Flying Drone

Drones are most certainly one of the hottest topics of technology today as the ...

Drones are most certainly one of the hottest topics of technology today as the personal flying machines have been crafted to lift cameras into the air and allow the user to capture video from the sky. A drone has never been created to lift a human being… until today.

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Leave it up to YouTube sensation, Casey Neistat to show off something like this as he has become so known for his off the wall antics in extreme sports that attempt to take things on an interesting and different path away from everyday convention.

This time, we check out Neistat as he uses this drone to go snowboarding and the result couldn’t be any more entertaining as he comes up with his own personal way to take the extreme sport of wakeboarding the the snow as the drone pulls him down flat surfaces, up hills, and even pulls him into the air!

Check out the video below as Casey debuts the drone that has the ability to take him anywhere that he so pleases. Now this is something that’s really worth talking about!

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