Husband Buys Himself A Brand New Camaro ZL1 for Christmas!

I think I may have just found my new favorite YouTube channel! Complete Street ...

I think I may have just found my new favorite YouTube channel! Complete Street Performance is a performance shop in Pennsylvania that specializes in late model GM, Volkswagen and Audi performance upgrades. While most of the videos on their channel are shop dyno clips and post-install test drives, there’s some blog-style stuff as well that is actually pretty funny.

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In this video, Complete Street’s Andrew decides to be a great husband – to himself – and buy a brand new ZL1 Camaro for Christmas… for himself. The video opens with Andrew discussing this purchase – with himself – and deciding he was going to make it happen. The next day, we’re off to Ferrario Chevrolet, where Andrew’s new ride awaits on the showroom floor. The dealer installs the plates and the car is loaded onto the trailer for the ride home. Upon arriving back at the house, Andrew gives the car a quick spray clean to knock off any road grime from the trip home, then backs the car into the garage, where he adorns it with a beautiful-ish silver bow.

The next morning, Andrew heads downstairs with his wife and kids for Christmas morning festivities. He and his son enjoy a Nerf gun shootout while his daughter chills out on her couch with a huge tin of popcorn. After all the gifts are unwrapped, Andrew heads outside, where he “discovers” his new ride.

He fires the car up and straps his son into a carseat in the back and goes for a ride, wasting no time putting the ZL1’s supercharged powerplant through the paces despite only having a few miles on the odometer. While some say you’re supposed to break in new engines, I believe today’s modern motors are pretty much good to swing 8,000 RPM as soon as you roll off the showroom floor, and if you do happen to break it, it’s still under warranty, so that’s when you want things to go wrong if they’re going to.

I will definitely be checking back with the Complete Street Performance channel for more videos with Andrew and his new hotrod! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us here at Speed Society.

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