Hypnotic Video Inside an Extreme Forging Factory: Hammer Forging

For those who aren’t too well versed in a certain field, sometimes it can be ...

For those who aren’t too well versed in a certain field, sometimes it can be interesting to dive into the behind-the-scenes of exactly how such a field comes together. Don’t get us wrong, it can be completely boring as well, but we assure you that this inside look at extreme forging will have you entranced.

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Through sheer force and heat, these processes are able to take one shape of metal that is completely practically useless and manage to force it into another shape to be repurposed and used in whatever way the builder intends. To watch something new form from a large block to a small and rounded post is quite therapeutic to watch.

It takes some big-time muscle and the machines of this factory most certainly have it as some skillful crafters help them out to make sure that the finished product is exactly the way that they want it and watching the whole thing unfold is oh so satisfying.

Take a gander at the extreme forging factory down in the video below that shows off the methods of hammer forging and tell us exactly what you think of this process. Do you find it to be as relaxing as we do?

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