In the world of racing, there’s a certain mystique about a car that I can creep ...

In the world of racing, there’s a certain mystique about a car that I can creep up on you and slap you in the face when you never saw it coming. This phenomenon that’s known as the “sleeper” can come in any shape and form. The most beautiful part is that it could be lurking around any corner and you would never even know it! The car might look like a grandma machine or a boat like this! In this case, we check out a Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu that nobody would have ever seen coming until it was absolutely too late!

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When we caught up with Rick Steinke, he was more than willing to tell us all about the machine that simply doesn’t look like it should be a competitor at all, in any class! However, we found that the car was running the 8.50-second index class at Cecil County Dragway’s Street Car Shootout and this thing just got a whole new layer of cool slapped on top of it. We listen in to the interview as Rick tells all about the engine and turbo set up and a little bit about how he keeps the car so quiet! The best part of a good sleeper is the idea that nobody has a clue that it’s coming and noise could certainly be a big giveaway!

People might argue that the parachute on the back gives off a hint but to those people – we can’t tell them how wrong they are! We would assume that when Rick takes the car off of the track and starts heading around the streets that he doesn’t exactly run the parachute. Also, laundry out back or not, I certainly would have never pegged this car to be banging on the door of a 7-second machine. You have to remember that there are lots of folks who run parachutes and don’t need them and lots of slower cars that run them as well beings as the rules state that anything moving north of 150 mph (approximiately a 9-second car) in the quarter mile has to have one!

Basically, this thing is as “sleeper” as it gets.

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