The World’s Largest Sailing Yacht, The “Black Pearl”. If Jack Sparrow Were A Modern Day Billionaire.

The name “The Black Pearl” was made famous by Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ...

The name “The Black Pearl” was made famous by Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise over the past decade. Featuring Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, the quartet of movies follow the bumbling, but conveniently clever Sparrow on a series of misadventures on the high seas.

Sparrow’s beloved vessel, usually referred to simply as “the Pearl”, is known as the fastest ship on the sea, and thanks to Captain Jack’s skill, is practically unsinkable. While she may be speedy, the Pearl isn’t exactly a luxurious craft, leaving much to be desired in the creature comfort department.

Fast forward to today, and the Pearl has been resurrected with a decided focus on luxury while maintaining her dedication to speed. The ship you’re looking at below is also named The Black Pearl, and is the largest sail-powered superyacht in the world. Not only is the vessel massive in scale, it features several technological advances never used on a ship this size before.

The massive black sails, which are affixed to rotating masts, which are a relatively new innovation in their own right, are covered with flexible solar cells, meaning they’re constantly generating electricity for the ship’s amenities while also providing propulsion by catching the breeze.

Below, the massive propeller also serves as an electrical regeneration device when the ship is being pushed by the wind, much like Tesla cars do when coasting to a stop. This means that while the Pearl is underway and the wind is doing the work, between the trio of massive solar panels and the prop gathering up the energy from the water, this massive ship is expected to be able to cross the Atlantic Ocean without consuming any fuel, all while the crew and passengers enjoy the utmost in opulent luxury.

I believe Captain Jack Sparrow himself would give up his pirating ways for a ship like this!


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