Illegal Immigrant Tries to Enter Spain Hiding in a Ship’s Propeller

We aren’t here to argue immigration politics with you because we all know how ...

We aren’t here to argue immigration politics with you because we all know how both sides of the issue stand. However, we will bring you a story that shows a little bit of the side of immigration that you probably haven’t seen before. Let’s just say that some people are so desperate to get out of where they’re at and to a different country that they will try some pretty insane measures to get there. I’m sure that you have heard of some of these crafty solutions to traveling over borders before but this one might be an attempt that takes the cake. This guy really looks like he was going to do absolutely whatever it took to get into Spain.

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I can’t say that I’m really any kind of expert on the immigration process of getting into Spain, or any country, legally, but I would venture to say that riding in the propeller well of a boat probably isn’t how you’re going to want to go about trying to make your way into a country. I’m not sure how they managed to spot this guy, but lo and behold, as a ship entered a harbor to get ready for docking and it looks like authorities spotted the man, tucking himself up under the rear of the boat, wearing nothing but a bathing suit and holding on to some of the things that he wanted to bring with him, obviously with nothing more than he could fit in a knapsack and carry on his back.

The video down below shows the moment that he attempted to get over the border and was immediately stopped. For someone who wants to get into a country this bad, you really have to feel for them when they head back to wherever it is that they came from and the conditions that caused them to want to leave that badly, but, in other news, it looks like it’s back to the drawing board for this guy. Perhaps, next time he will try the legal route to switch his citizenship up.

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