Incredible Moment A Porsche Lands On Another Porsche!

Of all the crazy crash videos we’ve seen, this one definitely stands out as having ...

Of all the crazy crash videos we’ve seen, this one definitely stands out as having one of the most improbable outcomes, and we think you’ll agree. The clip is a couple of years old, but as with many viral videos, it resurfaces every now and then and we just can’t get enough of it!

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Just thirty seconds in to the first lap at the Circuito de Navarra in northern Spain, this group of Porsches make it cleanly through turn one, but going into turn two, a sharp right hander, things tighten up and a couple of the cars tangle up. You would think that cars like these bumping fenders while trying to navigate the turn would result in a few dents and maybe some angry gestures, but you wouldn’t expect two of the cars to be playing Piggyback. Well that’s exactly what happened!

We don’t know names, so we’re just going to refer to them by their man colors; green and purple. As the pack bunched up trying to make the turn, it appears purple gets bumped from behind, causing it the car to spin out, leaving it precariously facing into oncoming traffic. Just as purple gets punted around, green bangs into purple nose to nose and is catapulted up the front of the car and onto the roof. In most cases, a car doing what the green car did would have either slid back down the front, or right on off the back, but not this time. Instead, the car comes to rest directly atop the roof of the purple car, the cars facing almost 180 degrees from each other.

We wouldn’t believe it if we didn’t see it ourselves. The in-car footage from purple show’s the view as the green car slides right up the windshield and comes to rest neatly on the roof. Luckily the damage doesn’t appear to be too bad and there doesn’t appear to have been any injuries, so things certainly could have been worse. Now they just have to figure out how to get green off of purple!

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