Ingenious Maneuver To Get Your Car Out Of The Mud

We’ve featured several products before that we thought looked like the next big ...

We’ve featured several products before that we thought looked like the next big thing when it comes to finding your way out of the snow when it seems like you’re stuck beyond reason with nobody around who is able to come and lend you a hand to help to pull you out. While they’ve been simple contraptions they required you to head out to the store and buy something, keeping it in your vehicle for when the moment comes but this next device might just be something that you could cook up on the spot with what you have available at the time.

It now looks like you don’t need to spend any time or money at all on buying these rarely used devices – if you have a couple of things laying around, that is because let’s be honest, keeping something for such a specific purpose around and taking up space might not make the most sense for everyone.

Using nothing more than a tow strap and a piece of wood, this pickup truck that’s stuck in the mud is able to power its way out with ease, debunking the myth that getting stuck has to be a time-consuming issue. It certainly seems like this simple set of steps does quite a good job of managing to add extra tread to the tire for just a few moments until the truck manages to grip its way out to solid ground once again.

Check out the video below as a few seconds after securing the piece of lumber to the truck’s tire, it’s able to effortlessly pull its way out of an incredibly inconvenient situation that would’ve otherwise sucked up a lot of time. After checking this one out, you might want to make sure that you keep your straps on you at all times along with something that could give you a bit more leverage in a sticky situation.

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