Insane Muscle Car Junkyard: Pontiac GTO Judge, 1968 Mustang Fastback, 1970 Cuda, SS 396 Chevy Nova

Guys, we’re gonna warn you now, this is hard to watch.grab your entries to win ...

Guys, we’re gonna warn you now, this is hard to watch.

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The Auto Archaeologist has found what could be the most ridiculous collection of badass original muscle cars we’ve ever seen. The problem is, they’re all sitting in a field collecting dust and rust instead of being restored and returned to their previous glory. While these aren’t “Dodge Charger Daytona” rare cars, they are all fairly hard to find, especially in original condition like these.

Unfortunately the owner has declared that none of these cars are for sale and had even asked the Auto Archaeologist to keep the location to himself, implying that he doesn’t even want to hear the offers from potential buyers. We’ve never understood what possesses people to hoard cars like this and refuse to share them with the community. These cars could not only make the owner a LOT of money, they could create work for the shops who would restore them, help those shops build their following as fans would surely love to keep track of the progress as the cars undergo the transformations back to road-worthy condition.

But the owner has spoken and declared the cars are not available. Such a shame to see some of the most iconic domestic muscle cars ever built rotting away in a junk yard somewhere. Maybe one day the owner will come to his senses and realize that he’s sitting on a gold mine. Between the 1968 Hatchback Mustang, the 1970 Barracuda, and the Pontiac GTO Judge, there is likely six figures worth of Detroit iron in the pile. Not to mention the big block Nova that looks to actually be in pretty solid shape would also bring a stack of cash from the right buyer. Such a shame…

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