Shoving water inside an exhaust to clean it! Is this safe?

Sometimes, with the things that people do their vehicles, they might quietly be on to ...

Sometimes, with the things that people do their vehicles, they might quietly be on to something, coming out with some sort of method of taking care of or modifying your car or truck that could make it better or last longer. However, there are other times where we can’t help but look at somebody and wonder what they’re doing when they take part in something that makes you scratch your head and wonder exactly what’s going on (Admittedly, I’ve done some crazy stuff like that). This is definitely one of those times where you can’t help but wonder exactly why somebody would try and pull off something like this to keep the inside of their exhaust clean.

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I mean, I don’t necessarily see this being able to do any sort of the damage, however, it also doesn’t really seem to be something that would be very productive. Via the video description, the person behind this all seems to claim that this will dislodge some carbon, being able to make the exhaust sound a little bit more raspy all without giving up volume. I’m not sure if any of that makes any sense but just watching this one is quite confusing. We aren’t sure who gave this guy this kind of advice but we would probably recommend checking a couple of sources before trying something like this.

Follow along with the video down below that has this Cummins diesel owner trying to wash his exhaust out with a hose. Is this something that’s as crazy as we think it is or are we completely missing something here? We will leave it up to you all to decide if this is something that should be done to an exhaust to help remove carbon deposits. Personally, I would think that this would be a futile effort that would do nothing more than create a giant mess in the process. Elaborate troll or legit video? You decide!

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