Inside Stand Up Comedian Jeff Dunham’s Badass Garage

If you have lots of play money and could buy whatever car collection that you’d ...

If you have lots of play money and could buy whatever car collection that you’d like, what would the first couple of cars on your list be? This is a question that we probably find ourselves thinking about way more often than we should be and occasionally, when we hear that one of our favorite celebrities is quite the car fanatic, we are left to ask the same question of them. If comedian, Jeff Dunham, were to be a car fanatic, what kind of rides do you think that he would have? Well, it just so turns out that idea is a reality and he has quite the off-the-wall collection.

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For starters, in this episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, we get a little bit of a twirl around Dunham’s personal garage that features all sorts of cars that’ll make your eyes nearly pop out of your head from multiple George Barris creations all the way to a first-generation Batmobile (another barris gem) and even the likes of a tank! Yes, this guy is hilarious onstage and that loony attitude continues in his own personal garage that features cars that he likes to think of more as conversation pieces. Dunham tells us that he likes to have a machine that stands out and makes a statemend but also makes him feel more approachable to chat about the world of wheels.

Follow along in the episode below that takes you through the collection shortly before taking these guys through the streets of Las Vegas while rolling along with one of the cars that could provide just about the biggest spectacle that you will ever see on wheels, even in the city of lights! I’m not sure what’s better, seeing Dunham’s collection or watching Leno, Dunham, and the Valyrian Steel Car alongside its creator rolling through the streets!

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