Inside the Wall of Death… “Charlie Ransom” On His 1926 Indian Scout!

If one were to face something that was known as the “Wall of Death,” you ...

If one were to face something that was known as the “Wall of Death,” you would think that most people would probably turn around and run the other way but for Charlie Ransom, it turns out that he isn’t running the other way at all and instead, he’s taking on this Wall of Death with his motorcycle in hand.

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With the help of his trusty 1926 Indian Scout, Ransom goes at the circular wall, making his way up on the inside, using gravity to hold him to the solid surface to avoid getting crushed by the weight of the bike. This is one great big display of bravery on his end.

While looking at this stunt, it almost looks like something that’s quite difficult to practice for. At some point, it just comes down to whether or not you trust a bike and its momentum to hold you up against the wall and prevent that painful fall from coming about.

Check out the video below that takes us inside of the display as Charlie makes magic happen with the help of his trusty motorcycle and pure physics at play. Would you ever attempt to take on the Wall of Death on your own? This would most certainly take a great deal of courage to even think about conquering.

Inside the Wall of Death

Inside the Wall of Death… "Charlie Ransom" shows us how it's done on his 1926 Indian scout!American Motor Drome Company / Wall of Death Thrillshow #WallOfDeath

Posted by K&N Filters on Friday, May 5, 2017

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