Integra Head Gasket Blows, Owner Decides to Change it on the Spot!

Sometimes, even the best of automobiles might leave you stranded. No matter what ...

Sometimes, even the best of automobiles might leave you stranded. No matter what you’re driving, eventually, parts are going to give up on you but sometimes, maybe, people have just gradually expected the idea that maybe their ride will be a little bit more common to call it quits when they need it most. Therefore, it might be a pretty common site for this type of person to be under the hood and they might even have decided that it would be a beneficial idea to carry around some tools to get done the more common jobs, being able to save them from having to pay for a tow truck if they’re able to just simply do the job on the spot.

Most of the time, these repairs will be just something minor that could be gone wrong with the vehicle or maybe is a common issue with such a vehicle, however, this individual takes it to a whole new level as his Acura Integra blows up and he pulls into a parking lot in order to fix it. This isn’t just something as simple as a couple of bolts but instead, the guy takes the entire head off of the car to replace the gasket that seems to have failed on him. It’s definitely quite an impressive accomplishment if you ask us.

If you follow along below, you’ll be able to watch the situation for yourself as this guy whips out a set of tools and gets to work like it’s absolutely nothing. For most people who would consider themselves to be casual mechanics or even a little bit more experienced, this would be a job that takes a weekend or so if not at least a day but it appears as if this guy is working so quickly that he might’ve been able to get it done within a couple of hours.

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