iPhone 7 vs hydraulic press results are ugly for Apple lovers

Thanks to the likes of the hydraulic press, we have seen all sorts of products and ...

Thanks to the likes of the hydraulic press, we have seen all sorts of products and materials smushed in the jaws that have been known to put out over 500 tons of pressure!

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This time, we check out another interesting demonstration that puts the latest in Apple smartphones to the test in the jaws of the press.

The results aren’t pretty as the hopes and dreams of many are completely shattered with the electronic device when the press really throttles down and destroys the phone.

Luckily, for those of us who are interested in seeing how it all goes down, YouTubers like the guys at the Hydraulic Press Channel make some major loot off of ads to bring us demonstrations like this in slow motion and it’s really something to see!

Check out the video below that shows how exactly the phone ends up folding to all of the scrutiny of the press and tell us what you think of this demonstration. What other hot items would you like to see under these harsh conditions?

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