Is It Dangerous to Talk to a Camera While Driving?

In this day and age, technology has become so ingrained in our regular lives that ...

In this day and age, technology has become so ingrained in our regular lives that almost seems like a sort of extra bodily appendage. Now, some might argue that, with enough use of that extra “limb” of sorts, you might build up enough dexterity that it could become second nature to use, much like training your left hand to be as effective as your right in sports. However, feelings aren’t enough to truly determine if something is true or not so this time, we take the liberty of getting a little bit of empirical research together that takes a crack at seeing just how well technology and driving actually mesh together and it might be a little bit more surprising than you thought.

In this one, we take a minute to listen to YouTube personality, Tom Scott, as he takes a look at a machine that is designed to measure reactions to different driving situations. Originally, it would measure different reaction times and certain tendencies of driving while impaired, essentially acting as a sort of tool to see how drunk drivers and drivers under the influence of other substances would react in a real world situation. However, since then, it has been adapted to try out other things like figuring out just how much attention is lost when you’re doing something like driving and talking to a camera.

It seems like all across the board, different YouTube personalities have taken on vlogging or otherwise talking to a camera while they’re driving.  Just how safe is it? Well, this time, we find out. Dive into the video below to see just how the act of taking your concentration off of the road can possibly affect you while behind the wheel. In this one, we watch as the subject attempts to spit out a couple of lines to a camera while behind the wheel. Even when not looking directly at the camera, just thinking about the lines even turned out to be enough to alter reaction time. After following along with this demonstration, be sure to tell us if it’s enough to alter your perspective on doing things like talking to a camera while driving.

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