Is the Twin Engine VW GTI and Engineering Dream or Nightmare?

While they might not be very common, over the landscape of automotive performance, we ...

While they might not be very common, over the landscape of automotive performance, we have definitely seen one or two cars that sport more than one engine. While, in theory, something like this might seem like a brilliant idea, it seems like, in practice, it’s an incredibly difficult situation to engineer just right so that all of the parts will work in unison.

Sometimes, in drag racing, it can be difficult enough to keep together our cars that have just one engine so imagine trying to double that down and add twice the amount of moving parts that could potentially break under pressure into the mix.

This time, we catch up with the owner of none other than the Volkswagen Golf GTI who isn’t intimidated by that dynamic. As you could probably have guessed, this once economy box now has a lot more to offer. Even after checking out the quarter-mile passes that range in the mid 9-second area and put together speeds of over 160 mph, you might not realize how different this car is but, if you were lucky enough to be able to watch the burnout, witnessing the action as the car would light up the front tires before stopping once again and taking the liberty of smoking up the rear tires to get ultimate burnout capabilities, you know that this is really something different.

If you follow along in the video below, you get the highlights of the entire ride and what exactly it is that makes this car special along with what the owner says are some spots where he hasn’t quite figured out exactly what he’s doing with it yet. According to the man behind it all, it’s a constant chase to try and track down exactly where the weak points lie and replace a bunch of parts in the meantime. It definitely sounds like a complicated project but we would think that once he gets it all dialed in, it would be a project that’s incredibly worth it as there’s really nothing else exactly like this!

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