Is This Rocket Powered RC Car Real or Fake?

If you take a flip through the pages of the Internet, there are tons of creations ...

If you take a flip through the pages of the Internet, there are tons of creations that people have put together in garages, workshops, and living rooms across the world. Many times, if you can think it up, there’s a good chance that somebody has tried it out in some capacity whether it be on a grand scale or just somebody in the garage trying out a couple of factors that they put together in the cheapest and easiest way possible, attempting¬†to take some simple things that were purchased on a budget, combine them with a little bit of know-how and attempt to come out on the other end with a great time.

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This time, We check out a video that appears to have a little bit of CGI on board but also got our gears turning are we’re left to wonder what exactly you can accomplish with a remote control vehicle and how far you could take the concept as a whole. We know that lots of people have invested big time money and lots of their own time into making these things insane as they have done everything from create¬†massive remote control aircraft all the way to boats and other types of real-world machinery, including cars that can do over 200 miles per hour. This time, however, we check out what happens when somebody imagines rockets on the side of their remote control car.

In the video below, we follow along with the results as the remote control car gets together a head of steam with the rockets onboard, hits a ramp, and flies into the sky. Now, there’s something about this video that just seems so fishy but it really gets you to wonder what would happen if somebody actually did hook up a couple of rockets to the side of an RC vehicle. It sounds pretty dangerous and that is definitely something that we wouldn’t recommend trying at home but it’s also something that has us incredibly curious.

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