Is This The Most Dangerous Boating Sport You Have Ever Seen?

When it comes to motorsports, people will try just about anything to get their ...

When it comes to motorsports, people will try just about anything to get their adrenaline flowing. Even out of the water, with a variety of different types of vessels comes a variety of different types of motorsports to try out and this time, we dive inside with what might be perhaps the most dangerous sport on the water that we have ever seen. These folks are really going above and beyond in pure craziness to meet their need for speed and so much as even spectating it is enough to put you on the very edge of your seat, at a bare minimum.

In this one, we strap in and watch as these people get to it in their aluminum flat-bottomed boats, zipping through rocky rapids, banging themselves around and venturing toward the finish line. Now, I get that sometimes, sports like this can really push you to limit and there’s definitely a thrill in watching but this really is a kind of a nail biter as these people pretty much just throw themselves off of rocks and into other rocks, risking life and limb as they power their way down the rapids before getting their way to the finish line or coming to a rest and getting injured in the process. We’ve seen white water rapid racing but this seems to have a lot less water in the mix.

Follow along in the video down below that will take you to the scene of the action, really lighting up your sense of excitement as you take on these rocky rapids with the participants. After getting a handful of experience of the sport after seeing it on video, do you think that you would venture to go out there on the water and try something like this for yourself? I think it would take a very dedicated individual in order to pull something like this off because, at the end of the day, it looks like you’re really putting your body on the line with the sport.

Posted by Love To Fish Gulf Coast ,Outdoors , & More on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

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