Is Using Gas Vapor to Power an Engine a Myth? Let’s find out!

You know how myths spread. One day, you’ll hear something that you think to be ...

You know how myths spread. One day, you’ll hear something that you think to be too far-fetched to be true but before you know it, just about everybody in a certain community will be listening to the myth before taking it as reality. The fact becomes even more amplified when you see fallacious videos and other mediums trying to push the myth forward and give it some steam. This time, however, we get a real-world test on seeing if a certain myth will pan out or not. It’s one we have definitely heard of before and are anxious to learn more about so let’s get into it.

In this one, we test out the potentially enticing fact that gas vapor can be used to power an engine. Whilw this might seem a little bit far-fetched, it’s certainly a story that has been perpetuated over and over again and has certain people believing that it’s possible. When you think about it, there’s a possibility that it could work, but on the other hand, the inner mechanic in you wants to say that there needs to be more fuel to be ignited and create the proper mixture of air and fuel to keep your engine running in the most efficient way possible.

Follow along down in the video below that takes this idea to the task and attempts to find out if gas vapor could be used to power an engine. The Project Farm YouTube channel uses lawnmower engines to test out all kinds of different theories and part concoctions that many are curious about and this time, It’s more of the same as they put this old theory to the test. How will it end up? Be sure to let us know your prediction before you watch it and after seeing the results how you think you can proceed with this information.

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